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4 Aug 2015

Re-invention of your business position

We all live in a fast paced business environment these days, whether you are working in a busy open plan office or from home. It’s good to ‘take stock’ and remind yourself why you are successful at what you do, and remind the world you are still as fresh and relevant as ever.

Weesleekit have just gone through the same process of re-positioning our business offering that we take our clients on a daily basis. It can feel like a daunting task at the outset, but we have a clear methodology in drawing out your unique story and presenting that to best effect to develop your business. Read More

Feature Case Study

Positive Response

Weesleekit worked with Positive Response in creating their mini website, advertising and landing page.

Through our planning process the website demonstrates Positive Response brand values, benefits of their product and “calls to action” on engaging and buy in to their brand.

The mini website features the company’s main product StaffsafeTM, which was targetted to the retail sector.

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